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On my nightstand – “You are in some pretty impressive company, at least that is coming from a very simple minded fella. For whatever it may be worth I really do appreciate your company with me via your writings down my own personal path of discovery.”



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 The most unique and fascinating storyline!

5.0 out of 5 stars, March 6, 2014  Review by Professor James Powers – Caltech University

Although truly distinctive the narrative strikes on…“The Foundation Series” of Isaac Asimov, CS Lewis’s “The Space Trilogy”, “Ben-Hur” by Lew Wallace, glued together with a touch of ‘Jules Verne’.

5.0 out of 5 stars, March 25, 2014 Review by cle
Must Read!! Story line is well written and you can’t put the book down. Characters are well developed and you feel like you know them. Although this is a fictional story, it reads like a non-fictional history book. That is not an easy thing to do with sci fi subjects. I really enjoyed reading it!!! Can’t wait for the second book.

 Very Good read – recommend highly.

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TheArrivalThe following prequel to the new sci-fi action adventure series: Into The East provides exciting and valuable insight into a world that was violated by an alien race bent on subjugating its inhabitants.  We hope you enjoy The Arrival.

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