The Rising – Part III

The first book in t112237004he series, The Razing, was only the beginning of Prince Aaranon’s harrowing adventures that left fans longing for the next installment. As one Amazon reviewer declared, “Each chapter entices you to read the next and by the end the ‘need’ to read part two is physical.”

The second installment, The Returning, continued the adventures of the humble, yet conflicted, Prince. He was plunged into a foreign world filled with assassins, dubious government agents, merciless spies, and an enraged lower-class with an appetite for revenge against the kingdom he once defended.

In this third and final installment, we once again find Aaranon in a race for his life. As the countdown to the end begins, four worlds are headed for disaster, three regimes fight for the hearts and minds of the people, two brothers seek to end a life-long conflict, but only one will survive.

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