Series Synopsis

–    Into The East is a “Star Wars meets 300” novel series (Part I: The Razing, Part II: The Returning, Part III: The Rising). It’s an action adventure / sci-fi / supernatural thriller detailing the adventures of Aaranon, an affluent yet humble nobleman on the forest laden planet of Araz, home of the udamé people. He is destined by birth to one day rule over the vast kingdom and empire of the Quayanin family – but only if he can prevail against an ancient evil that longs for his demise.
–    Over one thousand years ago on Araz, a race of beings known as the Ayim came from an as yet unknown realm by opening a portal into their world, changing their simple agrarian lifestyle into a technological marvel. After many years of war and aggression, the udamé eventually succumbed to the Ayim and worshipped them as their new deities. They abandoned their old gods in exchange for advanced technology that would one day allow them to achieve immortality and to consummate a divine singularity.
–    In their quest to traverse the heavens, like the Ayim, the Unified Araz Council (UAC), a coalition of former competing kingdoms, decided to annihilate a mysterious group known as the Apostates who destroyed over four hundred temples to the Ayim, killing millions of udamé in the process. According to the UAC, if the Apostates remain, not only would they continue to threaten the peace and safety of all Arazians, but also jeopardize the UAC’s aspirations of becoming gods like the Ayim.
–    It was up to Aaranon, leading the most elite fighting force, to finally destroy the last vestige of these ruthless killers who bitterly cling to an antiquated way of life. Through the utilization of the MSS, or Mingled Surface Soldiers, who were created by the Ministry of War through a process of mingling the seed of udamé, various beasts, and foliage, Aaranon set out to engage in a battle that many believed would be a straightforward “clean-up” mission. It soon became evident that the true enemy of the UAC was not the Apostates, but the truth itself.
–    As Aaranon battles against an insurmountable mountain of lies, he discovers a truth that will forever change his life. Not only is his life about to crumble down around him, but Araz itself is destined for a major cataclysm that will not only impact every Arazian, but would impact every man, woman, and child on the planet Earth.
–    The milieu of Araz is fraught with age old traditions and new world technology. Along with genetic modification, wireless energy, quantum communications, and anti-gravity flight, Arazians still practice arranged marriages, polygamy, forced slavery, sorcery, idol worship, a caste system, sacrifice of their own people, and the continued subjugation of their females. It is also a world that is plagued by an ancient evil that is greater than the Ayim.


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