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Into The East Reading – Book 1 – The Razing – Chapter 2

I’m not good at this. I paused for about 20 seconds trying to fix something so don’t stop if you think the sound went away. Also, the stinking dog started barking, but I didn’t want to restart this for a third time. Plus, I don’t think you’re supposed to laugh when your reading, but I did. So…ENJOY!!

Into The East Reading – Book 1 – The Razing – Chapter 1

Here we go. The first chapter of the first book of the first series I wrote for the first time. This is (dramatic pause) The Razing. Muuaaaahhhhahahhaha!!!!!!

Into The East Reading – Introduction

After two years (I think) I’m finally going to (attempt to) read through the book series and explain tantalizing details of immense proportions (“OOOOooooooo….cool,” said all the people). This is only the beginning of an exciting journey that we can all take as we head (dum, dum, duuuummmm)…Into The East.